Emotional Intelligence and Employment

This project is investigating the impact of the provision of emotional intelligence coaching modules to third level lecturers on perceived levels of job satisfaction, work-related stress and productivity.  


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This project is funded by the TU Dublin Seed Fund.

Emotional Intelligence and Education

This project consists of two research strands.

The first strand of this project involves the delivery of emotional intelligence coaching to second level pupils.  The impact of doing so on academic attainment and social and emotional development will then be measured.

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The second strand of this project involves a large-scale quantitative survey of Irish second level educators to determine the various means by which wellbeing is currently promoted in Irish classroom settings.  Focus groups will also be conducted to glean the attitudes and opinions of educators as to the perceived enablers and barriers with respect to promoting students' wellbeing.

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Both strands of this project are funded by the TU Dublin Seed Fund.

Employing EI Coaching to boost Graduate Employability
Fostering Wellbeing for Elder Adults

PEEI are collaborative partners in a €1.4 million project funded by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, the Transform-EDU project.  This is a three year project, which began in January 2019 and is currently in pilot phase.  The overall purpose of the project is to develop supports and co-curricular activities for third level students to better prepare them to enter the workforce, thereby boosting graduate employability and productivity.  PEEI have designed a range of workshops in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and social skills for the workplace which are currently being piloted and will be delivered to students across TU Dublin from September 2020.  Employers will be involved with ever stage of the development and delivery of the programme.  Based on fedback from employers, workshops will be tailored to ensure that students develop the key social and emotional skills that employers most prize in their chosen field of study.  Employability workshops will be delivered by key employers, who will also offer mock competency-based interviews and provide feedback to students.  This will enable students to develop and demonstrate social and emotional skills directly related to employability and to receive mentoring from key employers in their field of study. 


Further information about the Transform-EDU project can be found here

In conjunction with the Football Association of Ireland, PEEI are conducting a range of research studies pertaining to the efficacy of walking football as a means for improving physical fitness, mental health and social connectivity for elder adults.  Preliminary results have been extremely positive and ongoing data collection is currently underway.  

Watch the two short videos below to see the real difference that walking football is making for the participants in this study!

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