Publication of report commissioned by the Irish Department Of Justice -  November 2022

A new report has published, that was commissioned by the Department of Justice - ‘An Evidence Review of Behavioural Economics in the Justice Sector’.  The report provides valuable insight into how we can improve policy and service design for citizens. The report can be downloaded here.

Suzanne McCarthy, PhD student at PEEI

Awarded Irish Research Council funding October 2022

Congratulations to Suzanne McCarthy, PhD student at PEEI, who has been awarded a Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship to continue her research pertaining to heritage languages in the Irish primary school sector.  Well done Suzanne.  This is a wonderful achievement and all at PEEI are delighted to see your hard work and talent being appropriately rewarded.  

Dr David Gaul, Physical Activity And Sport Coordinator for PEEI

Funding success February 2022

Congratulations to Dr David Gaul who has been successfully awarded funding as part of the Sport Ireland Research Funding Scheme, to conduct the ‘Creating Connections Through Play’ he has designed, which is aimed at building social connectedness for parents and caregivers of young children. 

Sport and physical activity have enormous power to bring people and communities together and help them form strong social bonds. Parents and caregivers of young children often engage in low levels of physical activity and struggle to find time to exercise.  Parents and caregivers will also often have less opportunities to meet people and socialise as a consequence of increased care responsibilities. These reduced levels of physical activity and low levels of social interaction can often have a negative impact on both physical and mental health and in particular can lead to decreased mood and social isolation. To combat this, Creating Connections through Play seeks to 1: Examine the levels of social connectedness of parents of young children within the Dublin 15 area: 2, Investigate if involvement in a 10 week play programme builds social connectedness for parents and caregivers of young children: and 3, assess whether the provision of information on local programmes increases the level of physical activity of parents and caregivers of young children.

Maria Kenneally, Mindfulness Coordinator for PEEI, shares mindfulness movement resources

Maria is a trained mindfulness meditation teacher and is an experienced mindfulness facilitator and has kindly shared the resources below.

Introduction To Mindfulness (1 minute)

Seated Mindfulness Meditation (8 minutes)

 Mindful Movement (9 minutes). 

Maria reminds us that 'Mindful movement is an alternative practice to sitting meditation and provides the opportunity to check in with the body and its needs.  In this video you are invited to participate in some gentle stretches using the breath and body as an anchor to the present moment.'