Maria Kenneally, Mindfulness Coordinator for PEEI, shares mindfulness movement resources

Maria is a trained mindfulness meditation teacher and is an experienced mindfulness facilitator and has kindly shared the resources below.

Introduction To Mindfulness (1 minute)

Seated Mindfulness Meditation (8 minutes)

 Mindful Movement (9 minutes). 

Maria reminds us that 'Mindful movement is an alternative practice to sitting meditation and provides the opportunity to check in with the body and its needs.  In this video you are invited to participate in some gentle stretches using the breath and body as an anchor to the present moment.'

A new publication from PEEI March 2021

David Byrne, TU Dublin Research Scholar is the principal author of an article, with Dr Colm McGuinness and Dr Aiden Carthy, that has been published with Irish Educational Studies and details a new scale to measure educators attitudes towards wellbeing promotion.  


David states, "Educators’ positive attitudes toward health and wellbeing education are crucial to achieving whole-school implementation in terms of the promotion of student wellbeing. However, we currently have no test instrument that can quantify the attitudes of educators in this regard. The Attitudes Toward Wellbeing Promotion (ATWP) scale is designed to assess the degree to which educators are positively (or negatively!) disposed to the promotion of student wellbeing."

This article can be accessed here:

Two PEEI students awarded scholarships November 2020

There is great cause for celebration as two of PEEI’s postgraduate students have been awarded TU Dublin Research Scholarships.  This is an endorsement of the caliber of work being produced by PEEI researchers and in particular, is testament to the dedication of and ability of the two successful scholars, Angelo Simoes and David Byrne.   


On receiving his scholarship, Angelo had this to say:

'It is with great honour that I accept this TU Dublin Research Scholarship award. This will help me continue my work with secondary school students, delivering an emotional intelligence program that teaches students about the ways we can connect and disconnect from emotions and the consequences of disconnecting from our core emotions and hence, from our authentic selves.  Not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but beyond, giving students the right tools can make the difference between surviving emotions and thriving on them.'   

PEEI Official Launch November 2018

The 22nd November 2018 was a momentous occasion for PEEI as our research centre was officially launched at the Learning and Innovation Centre in ITB.  A motivational keynote address was delivered by Dr Joseph Duffy, CEO of Jigsaw, who highlighted the need for evidence based research in the field of mental health and acknowledged the real impact that PEEI's research has already begun to make in people's lives. 


Dr Aiden Carthy, Director of PEEI, outlined a vision for the continued growth of the centre.  Acknowledging the vital role that social and emotional competencies such as empathy, compassion and self-awareness play in driving success in educational and business contexts, Dr Carthy, demonstrated how research conducted at PEEI focuses on designing and testing interventions which improve these very skills and enable individuals and organisations to thrive.  Dr Diarmuid O'Callaghan, President of ITB, discussed the dynamic and intercultural contexts of the contemporary workplace, the need for graduates to be socially and emotionally mature to enable them to meet the demands of the modern work environment and how research such as that conducted by PEEI will promote graduate work readiness.

Although PEEI is relatively young, we have demonstrated a capacity for research excellence and our work has already begun to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  We are delighted to officially launch our research centre and very much look forward to continued growth and success in the years to come.    

Dr Aiden Carthy with Kate Wiseman, Research Programmes Coordinator THEA
Dr Diarmuid O'Callaghan, President of ITB

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