Current Research Students

David Byrne
(Doctoral Student)

David graduated from Dublin City University with a first class honours degree in humanities. David has considerable experience within the charity sector and has volunteered with various NGO’s such as Pisco Sin Frontières, Long Way home, and All Hands Disaster Response.


David’s primary area of interest is wellbeing and he is currently completing a PhD which focuses on evaluating the promotion of wellbeing in Irish second level schools.  Specifically, David’s research will involve conducting a large scale quantitative survey of Irish educators to assess the various means by which wellbeing is currently promoted in Irish classroom settings.  The second phase of this research will involve the use of focus groups to garner the attitudes and opinions of educators as to perceived enablers and barriers to the promotion of students’ wellbeing. 


Based on the results of this study, recommendations will be made with respect to educational policy and curricula to ensure that student wellbeing is promoted optimally in Irish second level schools. 


David can be contacted at

Eoghan Guiry 
(Doctoral Student)


Eoghan graduated with BA (Honours) in psychology from Maynooth University.

Eoghan has a keen interest in positive psychology and is a certified EQ-i emotional competency coach.  His research pertains to analysing the impact of the provision of emotional intelligence coaching to third level lecturers on perceived levels of self-efficacy and job satisfaction.  


A study of this kind has the potential to benefit lecturers by enabling them to develop greater levels of self-awareness and improved stress management. By extension, it is likely that improving the emotional intelligence of lecturers could yield positive benefits for students through helping them to reach their maximum potential as learners.

Eoghan can be contacted at

Ailish Jameson 
(Doctoral Student)

Ailish holds a MA (Research) and a BA (Honours) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB). Her Masters explored cultural inclusion in primary education. She is currently undertaking a PhD exploring emotional intelligence, education and employment.


Ailish is a part-time lecturer in ITB and DCU, teaching modules in Personal and Professional Development, Project Management and Creative Instructional Design.


Ailish is particularly interested in exploring the use of social and emotional learning in the preparation of standard and non-standard students for work. She has extensive experience in this field and has worked as a Trainer on Department of Social Protection and SOLAS programmes for individuals who are long-term unemployed.


Ailish is a qualified ‘.b’ (dot b) Trainer with the Mindfulness in Schools Project based in the UK which offers mindfulness based programmes in second level schools. Currently, she is completing the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)/Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Teacher Training with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches located in Germany.

Ailish can be contacted at

Juan Fernandez
(Postgraduate Student)


Juan has completed an honours degree in Social and Community Development at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown.  At present Juan is completing a Master of Arts degree by research.  Juan's primary research interest is in social interaction and 'The Third Place'.  The focus of his current research is an exploration of social interaction in fitness communities, with a specific focus on how such communities shape or modify societal engagement or withdrawal.


Juan can be contacted at

Angelo Simoes 
(Doctoral Student)


Angelo is a qualified clinical psychologist and developed his clinical practice with a focus on families and couples.  Angelo has completed a BA in psychology and an MA in clinical and health psychology from the University of Lisbon.

Angelo has delivered guest lectures at the University of Lisbon and the Piaget Institute related to his work with teenagers at risk.

Angelo's research will involve delivering emotional intelligence coaching to second level students and measuring the impact of doing so on academic attainment and social skills development.


Angelo can be contacted at