Current Research Students

David Byrne (Doctoral Student)

David graduated from Dublin City University with a first class honours degree in humanities. David has considerable experience within the charity sector and has volunteered with various NGO’s such as Pisco Sin Frontières, Long Way home, and All Hands Disaster Response.

David’s primary area of interest is wellbeing and he is currently completing a PhD which focuses on evaluating the promotion of wellbeing in Irish second level schools.  Specifically, David’s research will involve conducting a large scale quantitative survey of Irish educators to assess the various means by which wellbeing is currently promoted in Irish classroom settings.  The second phase of this research will involve the use of focus groups to garner the attitudes and opinions of educators as to perceived enablers and barriers to the promotion of students’ wellbeing. 

Based on the results of this study, recommendations will be made with respect to educational policy and curricula to ensure that student wellbeing is promoted optimally in Irish second level schools. 

David can be contacted at

Eoghan Guiry (Doctoral Student)

Eoghan graduated with BA (Honours) in psychology from Maynooth University. 

Eoghan has a keen interest in positive psychology and is a certified EQ-i emotional competency coach.  His research pertains to analysing the impact of the provision of emotional intelligence coaching to third level lecturers on perceived levels of self-efficacy and job satisfaction.  

A study of this kind has the potential to benefit lecturers by enabling them to develop greater levels of self-awareness and improved stress management. By extension, it is likely that improving the emotional intelligence of lecturers could yield positive benefits for students through helping them to reach their maximum potential as learners.

Eoghan can be contacted at

Angelo Simoes  (Doctoral Student)

Angelo is a qualified clinical psychologist and developed his clinical practice with a focus on families and couples.  Angelo has completed a BA in psychology and an MA in clinical and health psychology from the University of Lisbon.

Angelo has delivered guest lectures at the University of Lisbon and the Piaget Institute related to his work with teenagers at risk.

Angelo's research will involve delivering emotional intelligence coaching to second level students and measuring the impact of doing so on academic attainment and social skills development.


Angelo can be contacted at

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Michaela Omojola (Doctoral Student)

Michaela has completed a B.Ed (Hons) in Early Childhood Teaching and Learning and a M.Ed from Maynooth University. Michaela's M.Ed dissertation examined the development of forest schools in Ireland . Michaela is an experienced early childhood professional and has worked in both Ireland and Germany, with a particular emphasis on teaching and learning in the natural environment. Michaela is also an experienced educator and has delivered nature pedagogy workshops for early childhood staff, lectured on the Early Childhood Care and Education degree programme at TU Dublin and currently working in the primary school sector

Michaela’s research will chart, for the first time, the current practice of outdoor education in Irish primary schools. Specifically, the attitudes and opinions of primary school teachers as to the efficacy, the challenges and the best means of providing outdoor education in Irish primary education will be examined. In light of current environmental challenges, the need for research of this kind, cannot be underestimated.

Michaela can be contacted at:


Charles Castro (Doctoral Student)

Charles has completed a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the Newton Paiva University in Brazil, a M.Sc. in Human Resource Management from the University of Limerick in Ireland and a M.Sc. in Marketing from the University of Bari in Italy. Charles has considerable experience within small and medium enterprises in Brazil and abroad and has volunteered for NGO`s, such as Rotary International and Hope in Motion Ireland.

Charles has an interdisciplinary research interest focusing on digital marketing, social media marketing and social sciences. Charles' research will assess the susceptibility of young people to social media influence. The ultimate aim of this study will be to design a teaching module to teach young people how to protect themselves when they engage with online content.

Charles can be contacted at:


Suzanne McCarthy (Doctoral Student)

Suzanne holds a primary (Honours) degree in Early Childhood Care and Education from the Technological University Dublin (formerly known as Institute of Technology Blanchardstown). Suzanne's current research is in the area of heritage languages in Irish primary schools: an investigation into teachers' attitudes and pedagogical practice in the area of support for first language maintenance in bilingual pupils. This research has received recognition both internally and externally, it was awarded the 2020 Irish Research Association for Applied Linguistics (IRAAL) Postgraduate Master Award, as well as wining the 2020 Technological University Dublin Graduate Research School Poster competition by public vote. The results of this study will contribute to knowledge and practice in the broad fields of language education, pedagogy and policy in terms of our awareness and support for overall language development and heritage language maintenance in bilingual children.  


Suzanne can be contacted at: 

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Maria Kenneally (Doctoral Student)


Maria is a PhD candidate at TU Dublin, researching mindfulness practice for University students and measuring associated benefits.

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Wyndham Chalmers (MA Student)


Wyndham has completed a BA in psychology and biology from the College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University (Minnesota, USA) and an MA in applied psychology from University College Cork (Cork, Ireland). Wyndham has a particular interest in wellbeing psychology and has previously conducted research in the areas of stress reappraisal as well as transgenerational resilience.

Wyndham’s research falls within the larger Transform-EDU project currently underway and aims to assess the impact of emotional intelligence and work readiness coaching on student’s academic attainment as well as their employability characteristics. The research seeks to directly evaluate the effectiveness of different social-emotional training modules and workshops which are being provided as a part of Transform-EDU. Based on the results of the study, suggestions will be made for ways in which the emotional intelligence and work readiness coaching provided to undergraduate students can be optimised. Wyndham can be contacted at:

Suzanne McCarthy (Doctoral Student)


Suzanne is a Senior Educational Psychologist managing inclusive education support services at the National Learning Network (NLN).  Suzanne works in close partnership with a number of Higher Education Campuses (including TU Dublin, MU, NCAD, IADT, UCC and TCD) developing academic and well-being support services for students.  Suzanne delivers CPD training to third level staff.  She regularly presents research papers at national and international conferences, and delivers guest lectures to post graduate education students in a number of Irish universities.


Suzanne is currently completing her PhD.  The purpose of her research is to examine perceived and actual motor difficulties of college students, explore the challenges faced by these students, and investigate the impact on psychological wellbeing, physical activity, and academic achievement.  The research proposes to enhance the learning opportunities and experience of students, develop a model of tiered student support, underpinned by UDL principles, and develop CPD modules for teaching staff at second level, further and higher education.  Suzanne can be contacted at